Arabica Greenbean Aceh –Gayo (Semi Washed)


Arabica Greenbean Aceh –Gayo (Semi Washed) 

1.Type of coffee                      : Arabica Semi Washed

2.Coffee comes from              : Middle Aceh (Gayo)-North Sumatra,Indonesia

3.Varieties                               : Mix Varieties (Ateng Super and Tim-Tim)

3.Altitude                                : 1.400-1600 Meter ASL

4.Seed moisture                     : 12-13%

5.Seed size                             : 14-16 mm

6.Defect                                  : max 3-5%

7.Post harvest process           : Semi washed (Wet hull)

8.Quality                                 : Specialty

9.Typical aroma                     : Balance Body, Fruity, Flavor, Low Acidity ,Clean Cup, Sweety,                 

                                                    Balanced Acidity, Caramelly after taste.

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